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Friday, July 9, 2010


(Sorry, Joss, I stole your word...).
So, for the past few weeks, I've been saving up to buy this awesome Mockingjay necklace, made by somebody on Etsy (this website where people buy and sell pretty handmade things).
So then, a few days ago, I came on to Etsy to look at it (besotted, I was!), to find that *poof* it's gone. Disappeared, bought, along with, like, 12 of that seller's other Mockingjay necklaces.
Who, may I ask, buys, like, a squillion of almost the same thing?! WHO?
Ok, sorry. They obviously had no idea that somebody wanted to buy it. I am quite annoyed, but am probably being unreasonable. I still, however, feel the urge to strangle someone or something ...
I WAS ENGAGED TO THAT NECKLACE!!!!!!! *cough* sorry, again. It's just that it was so pretty ... and shiny ... and lovely ... and steampunk-y. :(
Excuse me while I mourn the loss of my darling fiancee.
*walks away sobbing*
*comes back later, with red eyes*
I must admit that this is slightly self-centered of me, and how were they to know, but ... it was the love of my life, and now it's ... goneeeee....

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  1. That is a sadness :( BTW: u can use that word as much as u like :)