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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I've been thinking recently about getting a new hairstlye, but I'm not sure what.
I was thinking maybe a fringe or a side fringe. Something like Demi Lovato. I don't particularily like her, but I do like her hair. I think it would look good on me, since my hair looks a lot like hers but lighter (...and without the fringe).
So yeah.
What do you think?
I would upload a photo of me, but I don't really want to show my face online. There could be stalkers anywhere! *hides*

1 comment:

  1. Dude! beth, hey, yeah, tis me, erin, but DUDE! tomorrow i is getting my hair cut and i needed a picture to show the lady and one of them is totally of her! i mean i hate her, but i liked her hair in this one picture. dude. IRONY!!! get it cut like that!!