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Friday, July 9, 2010


So ... I've had a lot of fun today!
Know why? No?

Weeelll .... I found THE coolest hat, buried in the depths of our hat cupboard (yes, we have a hat cupboard ... sort of). So I've been wearing it around, feeling oh-so-cool. My entire family is insanely jealous of my stylin' hat. I suppose I should be modest, but who can be modest with this stunning object placed atop my head? It is truly a spiffing hatical.

So, I thought I should bless you with the sight of this darrrling hat.

I had a lotttt of fun blacking out my face in above picture! Like, like in newspapers! :D Only I bet they don't use paint.
Isn't it, just, the coolest hat ... ever?

Thought so. ;)

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