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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I've been thinking lots recently about Wicked (the awesomest musical on the planet).

I've seen it twice, I have 2 shirts and the CD.

Whenever I turn the cd on to listen to it, even just a little bit, I end up dancing around the room, singing along with the songs, especially One Short Day (I love "who's the sage who bravely sailed out to save our posteriors?'), Defy Gravity, and No Good Deed (Let him never die...). IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!

I'm wearing one of my shirts, the Defy Gravity one. I have 'I heart Oz' and 'Defy Gravity'.
A few weeks ago I read the book, which the musical was based on. My opinion? Some parts were AMAZING, and some parts were .... weird. The musical OWNS it. It's amazing the whole way through. :D The book is a fair bit sadder, less funny, much more for adults, whereas the musical appeals to all age ranges. Both my mum and my 9-year-old sister love it.

It's a stunning musical, and ... wow.
It's so sad that it's leaving Sydney in September, because I WISH I could see it again!!! I really want emerald city glasses. :D

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