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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Phantom of the Opera

Oh wow ...

Last night, I watched Phantom of the Opera, and I am ... gobsmacked. It was a delight: the costumes, the songs, the characters, the very idea is stunning. I adore it.

For those who don't know, it is a movie based on the play, based on a book. it is set in Paris, a bit over a hundred years ago. Underneath the Opera house, there is a legendary Phantom, whose face he covers with a mask. He teaches this girl, Christine, to sing. Christine thinks she has been visited by the Angel of Music. He falls in love with her, but she is also in love with this guy called Raoul or something ... anyway, a lot of stuff happens and I love it!!
My favourite song from it is Masquerade.
Paper faces on parade
Every face a different shade

The atmosphere is just brilliant. I adore the whole thing!
If you haven't seen it, I recomend you go to your nearest Dvd rental ... place ... and borrow it now!! Immediately!
Or else.


  1. Oh my God... I have watched that movie so many times! I sing along to it every time. It's so amazing, and beautiful, and... and...
    *sigh* Let's just say I'm a huge fan as well.
    The book isn't as great as the play or the movie though. Christine talks way too much.
    If you ever have a chance to see it live, definitely go :)

  2. I LOVE YOU! POTO (phantom of the opera) is my favorite musical! The costuming, acting, singing, ides, music, words...ALL OF IT IS INSPIRED! My favorite song is Past the point of no return!

    Past the point of no return
    no backward glances
    our games of make-believe are at an end!

    Its the best!