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Monday, July 12, 2010

Twilight: a ... review?

Sooo ... fellow blogians! Let us be glad, let us rejoicify--
Sorry. I'll stop singing Wicked songs now.
I've been singing songs from Wicked all day today. It's, like, sing-Wicked-Song-Day for me... :D
Ok, so, back onto topic:

I said that when I finished Twilight I'd write a review, right?

Well I shouldn't have said that, because I'm horrible at writing book reviews. I just ... can't organize what I write, it just mostly comes out, in a big wave of words... SO! Instead, I'm going to make two lists. One for things I did like and things I didn't like. Otherwise, it will ... not even be half a review. This is a half review.
The List:


-The plot was a fairly good idea. I'm not sure if I'd call it well-thought out or not, but it was a really good idea.

-ALICE CULLEN. She's awesome. Probably the best (so-far) developed character out of them all. She's ... cool. Very cool.

-The action scenes, like, near the end in the ballet studio are great!!!


-BELLA: I hatehatehated her. She's just so- *ugh* -whiney, and stupid, and generally just annoying!

-Edward. Weird. He's not as bad as Bella, but I don't like him.
-The fact that vampires sparkle in the sun. Can you say 'WEIRD'?. I mean, like, what. the. hell?
What sort of idea is that?!

-Stephenie Meyer's style of writing really, really BUGS me. She just goes on and on about ... every freaking thing! I love description, but that was mucchh more monotonous than description!! To me description is metaphors and similes and awesomeadjectives. NOT ... not ... not whatever you call this!

So, there you have it! My opinion on Twilight!!!

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